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Uruguayan sludge stoner metal band. We are Noise, we are Sick, we are Noissick.

We are

Foolish, stubborn, headstrong and youth. Critics of society and the world around us. Disgusted and SICK of hypocrisy and pain. Avid listeners, intense and passionate.

Fighters, struggling in life, every day. NOISE is our channel, our synthesis, our tool on which to see the real weight of things. Simple, raw, melancholic.

The band was born in 2011 when Manuel Ka (guitar) joined Gass Cass (singer) with the idea of creating a raw and powerful sound. With the same idea in mind they began to work together to gave life to the NOISY monster. After some time trying to recruit more musicians to complete the band, they met Andres (drums) with whom they started rehearsing. Therefore, they stopped rehearsing the same year because they never found a bass player to play with them in the band´s creative process.
Even though the obstacles on the road the NOISY monster starts to take their first steps in 2013. It is when Gustavo Bello appears (drums) to gave it rhythm to him.
In 2014, after a long standby (Manuel was member of the experimental Doom Metal band Vermiforme, leaving Noissick for a while) the NOISY baby monster it is absolutely ready to walk when Mauricio Loperena (bass) arrives to the band and that’s when authentic rehearsals began.

After several rehearsals Noissick debuted at Solitario Juan on March 5th, 2015 with Hijo Agrio (Stoner / Noise) and Asado Crudo (Experimental Groove Instrumental).
At the end of the gig the bar owner payed to each band the exact amount of $ 666, showing them that the monster had already grown up…


Listen, download, steal, record.


Next dates in which we´ll be doing some noise.

  • 30 Mar

    Metal Battle 3 Uruguay


  • 24 Nov

    Sudamérica Distorsión 3


  • 20 Oct

    Noissick+Los Mostros

    Roxx Bar



Band´s merch.

  • $ 20 $ 10
  • $ 500 $ 450
    (Español) Remeras “Piezas”.
  • $ 200 $ 150
    (Español) Posters.
  • $ 500 $ 450
    Remeras (Copiar) (copia)


Consult, curse or give us decent or indecent propposals.


+598 98 514 553